Management Team

Michael R. Doschak, MSc., Ph.D., Director – OMX, Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Dr. Michael R. Doschak has developed a strategic research program centered on characterizing the biological effects of drugs and peptide biologics with the mineralized connective tissues of the body, namely the bones and teeth. That research program in “Bone Health after Drug Intervention” followed from his Master’s and Doctoral studies in the Medical Sciences at the University of Calgary, which employed non-invasive imaging technology, biomechanics and cell biology to detail the cellular and molecular actions of the bisphosphonate class of antiresorptive drugs, particularly following non-traditional therapeutic and/or diagnostic application in preclinical animal models of bone disease.

Following post-doctoral training in drug delivery and an NSERC Industrial Fellowship with the Canadian biotech company Millenium Biologix in Mississauga Ontario, he was recruited to the University of Alberta where he established the first in vivo Micro-Computed Tomography imaging lab in Edmonton, to temporally assess novel bone drug compounds on the mineralized tissues of small laboratory animals, non-invasively and at very high resolution. His research efforts recently culminated with the synthesis and characterization of several novel biologic drug compounds which many consider to be the “next generation of bone drugs” – namely, bone-targeting therapeutic agents that specifically coat bones immediately after systemic administration.

Roderick Szarka, BSc, Interim CEO – OMX

Rod Szarka was the Interim CEO and helped establish the OMX business plan, marketing, sales, research and development in the drug development and medical device arena. Rod has a BSc degree (Specialization in Biochemistry) from the University of Alberta. He has developed global markets for clinical research, medical devices and contract manufacturing of biologics. Rod is an inventor on 2 medical device patents and author on several peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Rod has held the position of Vice President of Marketing at Exciton Technologies (Edmonton). He was responsible for global marketing and sales for the silver wound dressing. Also, Rod conducting multiple site clinical evaluations for patients with diabetes foot ulcers across the USA and Canada. At Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures, Rod was responsible for business development and marketing for the Health group. In his role, Rod obtained a Joint Development Investment (JDI) grant to conduct chemical scale-up and toxicology studies for the BP-Calcitonin project for Osteometabolix Pharmaceuticals.

John Simon, B.Sc., RAC, ASQ Certified Quality Auditor, Quality and Regulatory Affairs Consultant – OMX

John Simon helped OMX establish the Quality Management System operating procedures and documentation for OMX. John has a B.Sc. from the University of Alberta, is a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality, a Certified Quality Auditor, and maintains Regulatory Affairs Certification through the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society. John has held a series of management positions in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs and has also worked as a consultant. John has had a variety of experience being directly involved in FDA Audits of a Medical Device Manufacturer; a Drug Manufacturing and Testing facility; and a Clinical site. Over the years he has gained experience within the biologics, pharmaceutical, medical device, dietary supplement and natural health product industries. John also has experience with a number of submissions to Health Canada and the FDA.