OMX Imaging Services

Osteometabolix (OMX) Imaging Services has developed “State of the Art” diagnostic capabilities using a high resolution micro-computed tomography (micro-CT).  Micro-CT is x-ray imaging in 3D, by the same method used in hospital CT (or “CAT”) scans, but on a small scale with massively increased resolution.


OMX is equipped with sophisticated SkyScan in-vivo micro-CT image, for the non-invasive quantification of bone and mineral adaptations after pharmaceutical, orthopaedic, orthodontic and bio-material interventions in experimental laboratory animals.  Also, industry opportunities with advanced materials.


Micro-CT Scanning represents true 3D microscopy, where very fine internal structure of objects is imaged non-destructively;

  • No sample preparation,
  • no staining
  • no thin slicing
  • Client will receive back intact sample


OMX is offering this unique advanced service on a fee-for-service basis for:

  1. High Resolution Micro-Computed Tomography Imaging of Bone
  2. High Resolution Micro-Computed Tomography Imaging for Industrial Applications

For more information on OMX Imaging Services please email to or 780-492-5035.


OMX Imaging Services is a division of Osteo-Metabolix Pharmaceuticals Inc.